Indian food bloggers face 10 problems every second day! 

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1- Hardly matters that there are millions of recipes of Idli, sambhar, dosa, or chutney are written n published till date n published too but still lot many persons send questions when you post any such things, regarding quantity of rice and dal ratio instead of clicking simply on google. 

2- You publish a recipe with pictures and after few days other Indian blogger or famous super chefs steal that recipe or picture and display it as theirs.Shamelessly.

3- You click a foto n after one year any cheap or hi class restaurant publish it on their menu cards or websites without asking your permission even.

4- You invent a recipe and you will cry that any other lady (your Facebook friend) working on it in a TV show with celebrity chef shamelessly claiming it is her recipe. 

5- You post a ultra simple recipe on Facebook group like bhindi ki sabzi but still you will get 1000 comments in two minutes from how to chop bhindi to how to spread salt in sabzi. 

6- You post a picture with a caption of heavy recipe on Facebook group that you will post recipe in a while and most lethargic male Group Admins start abusing n harassing you openly for not posting the recipe right now. 

7- You are inventing n cooking a recipe n clicking pictures n typing it and editing it finally to post it on ur blogs and Facebook groups but those so called hyperactive male admins who’s own wives never posted a boiled potato’s pic even start abusing you for posting your blog links because links are not allowed. 

8- Sharing and caring is lost now a days. If you are a blogger and wish to share a real helpful cooking video on groups it is denied or admins kick you out because links are not allowed.

9- Lot many mushroomed groups run by housewives ask you to submit the recipe for their approval like it is going through FBI investigation first. Than after five days they will approve it. 

10- In India cheating is everywhere on online food recipes publications. They see things on Pinterest, steal ideas from westerner chefs n cook n click it than publish it in their own name without giving credits. But if somebody steals that effort they make big hue n cry for that. But in all this drama the original inventors also face trauma of fame burglary. As it is habit of those desperates who want instant two minutes fame.

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 Prachi Varshney

Prachi Varshney


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