Lababdar sabzi masala (Tamam – E – Sabz). Secret recipe from royal caterers.

One of the finest recipe coming up to make your shahi vegetables more delectable. This is basically called tamam – e – sabzi in Aligarh Halwayi community. Works great chicken, paneer and dum sabzi recipes.

Lababdar means very rich and creamy in taste. All you need to do onwards to make a gravy of fried tomato and onion, lightly fry your paneer or vegetables. Now add vegetables/chicken\mutton to gravy and mix in our tamam e sabzi masala. Mix well. Tamam e sabzi masala ration is 250 gms of sabzi to 4 tbsps of this masala mixed into 12 tbsps of milk.

It is a very quick to make kind of recipe indeed BUT you need to store it in fridge. Otherwise it will turn bitter.

Ingredients –

1- 4 Cups of washed and dried white cashews.

2- 1 Cup of khus khus

3- 1/4 Cup of almonds, washed dried

4- 4 Tsps of sugar

5- 1/2 cup Degi mirch powder

6- 1/4 Cup black pepper (optional)

7- 1/4 Cup green cardamom with skin on

8- 1/4 Cup black cardamom with skin on

9- 4 Tbsps of sonth powder(ginger powder)

10- 6 Tbsps of anardana

11- 1 Tbsps of saffron strings

Method –

Lightly fry cashew, almonds and khus khus and close the lid immediately.

Now let these nuts get cool.

Add all things to mixi jar and grind to a finest powder.

Store in fridge in an air tight container.

How to use –

For 250 gms paneer &ki sabzi your need at least 4 tbsps of this powder mixed with warm water to be mixed in the vegetable at the last stage.

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