Matar pulao ka yum yum parantha! 

Well once there was a housewife who made great matar pulao (peas in spiced rice).. After lunch the leftover pulao she kept in fridge but the bowl eloped in the jungle of other things kept in the fridge.So two days later this housewife was shocked to see a bowl full of matar pulao. And it was a weekend so making paranthas for breakfast was demand from her family. She gave a little twist to the paranthas and made yum yum crispy paranthas. 

She sent two paranthas to her Pakistani neighbor too.She starts making paranthas of leftover biryanis too.

Ingredients – 

1- 4-6 Cups of leftover pulao/biryani (throw the bones if it is meat biryani)

2- Flour 2-4 cups or enough to knead tight dough

3- Salt optional, 2 Tbsps cumin seeds, 4 Tbsp coriander powder, 1 Tbsp red chilli powder

4- Desi ghee – 4-6 tbsp 

5- 1/2 Cup All purpose flour (must)

6- Water (optional)

Method – 

1- In a blender grind pulao to fine paste.If possible without water.

2- Mix all other ingredients and make a very semi tight dough.

3- Roll paranthas.

4- Tastes great with onion raita. 

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