Matar Qadeem’s hidden gem Bengali sweet shop.

So you are in Qatar(Doha) and keep searching for a very good quality sweetshop?

Let me tell you about a small hidden gem kind of outlet which sells mind blowing typical great craftsmanship kind of Bengali sweets. We explored it multiple times and finally found that what is actually good to buy from their outlet.

These three sweets as shown in the picture above are the best ones. White rasgulla, Black gulab jamun, and cham cham. They have such a to die for taste that I never had such kind of perfectly made sweets even in India since long. May be because of heavy adulteration factor due to massive population there. But in Doha this shop is serving best delicacies for your tastebuds.

Let me explain you further. The oil they are using is must be of very high quality and when you start chewing these juicy treats they are actually melt in the mouth kind of. They reach the last corner of your tongue to give that immense happiness of dense taste.

So here the shop details. Shop name is Chand Pur Restaurant and it is almost next(2-3 shops ahead) to Indian Samoosa shop(that tiny shop famous for chicken and veggie samboosa) on main Matar Qadeem commercial road. 

Please do try these sweets and check yourself that how is the taste.

PS : The sweets are very extra sweet so better start buying with little quantity and later on increase the buying if you really like them.

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