Oiling for shoes long life! 

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Shocked? Stay tuned!

Few years back in a shoe I found this knee length great black leather boots on sale. As winters were approaching fast, being wise enough they were purchased by me. Few trips to India and locally means giving a big kudos to myself for buying this pair of boots. 

But to my utmost horror after a year I found several cracks in boots skin. So they end up in trash bin.
Last year while getting my daughter ready for school it was a moment when her shows were nit polished and shoe polish wax sponge was finished. To revive it for one use I put few drops of extra virgin coconut oil on it and my daughter’s shoes were sparkling again. Now more than 7 months and both of my kids are wearing shining shoes to their school without any cracks or dust.
Last year my all family’s expensive leather shoes were polished by extra virgin coconut oil and packed well in polythenes if not us use much.
Oil keeps the leather smooth and saves its elactisity from stretching and getting damaged too. Same kind of greasy moisture saves your shoes leather from sun’s heat n dust too.  
Please do not try on canvas, suede or false leather shoes. For best results take one used shoe wax sponge in a case and put few drops of extra virgin coconut oil on it. After few polishings it will evaporate so put another drops. 

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