Panvadi Sharbat’s recipe.

Well! Each year I bring bit of mukhvaas and dry pan etc from India for some munching cravings.

Kids in gulf countries are not much aware of the churans or pan masalas or mukhvaas traditions like we used to munch a lot. They actually, are not even interested too for these trying such things.

But I like pans so much being a UP wala that I continuously miss my childhood days.

So I had this Snowpeek box and it was saved for rainy days(Lols). I knew one recipe from my friends mother in law in Aligarh. She used to call that paan ki thandai. So I made it too. Except fresh green pans every thing else is there in this sharbat. All you need is to ask somebody to get a tin of Snowpeek for you from India.

If you are in India, you can ask any panvadi for this tin. Prices varies.

Ingredients – (For making 8 medium glasses)

1- Almonds – 1 Cup

2- Sugar – 2 Cups

3- Green cardamom – 6-8

4- Snowpeek powder – 4-6 Tbsps

5- Black pepper powder – 1 Tsp

6- Green fennel seeds (hari saunf) – 4 Tbsps

7- 4 Cups of milk

8- 6 Cups of freezing chilled water

9- 2-3 Cups ice cubes

(You need to mix this powder and sieve the water milk and spices mix immediately).

Method –

1- Grind these all very finely in to a mixi pot.

2- Pour chilled water and milk mix over it.

3- Mix well and strain immediately.

4- Now mix in ice cubes and keep the pot in fridge for minimum 2 hours.

5- Take out and serve in pre chilled glasses.

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