Pre-teen flings are actually good for kids mental health! 

Yes this is so true. As a parent you need not to worry if your kids are getting attracted to somebody in their classes in pre teen age. It is really good for their social and family behavior. In fact it helps them to de stress and develop in being a better human. Studies suggest this now a days too. 

1- Language – If two kids start seeing each other in honest manner of talking a lot they adopt each other nature and pronunciation. Their vocabulary develop a lot. If they are multinationals or from different culture it is a most easy way to learn about different kind of words.

2- Personal appearance – Boys start taking care of their clothes n shoes along with sanitization like body smell as well as girls also start taking care of it so that they can be more presentable. This is a good sign.Good people attract good ones and dirty ones catches dirty ones. 

3- Hobbies – Each person is good in something somewhere. When two growing up fast kids meet they get on high levels of curiosity what other one is good at and they try to show off their own efficiencies too. My friend’s 11 years daughter learned making amazing craft planes with the help of her classmate friend.

4- Adaptation – Kids of different gender not having same gender sibling come to know a lot about the feelings and habits. Boy not having sisters learn from a new girl as a friend and same with girls not having boy as brother too.Boys having sisters are very compassionate and continuos comparing with new girls in life. It makes them understand to how to look at other girls from more respectable way.They start guiding their sisters more and same with girls having brothers.

5- Universe and feelings – Kids step out of a box named family and start looking at whole world from the pair of other’s eyes. Initial strings and clear n honest infatuations help them understanding others rituals, habits, personalities and views about everything.

Cooperate with your kid if he/she starts talking about somebody a lot but with healthy parental control too so that things remain under thin line of social norms n manners avoiding anything getting too personal. 
Happy parenting! 

29 thoughts on “Pre-teen flings are actually good for kids mental health! 

  1. The Crocheting Mom says:

    Fun AND scary article. LOL My daughter is 9 and she is NOT interested in that yet. We teaser her a lot, but I also try to let her know it’s absolutely okay, and normal if she likes someone! But…shes still 9, and my baby.

  2. stashingyarn says:

    My 12 year old has her first boyfriend right now – ARGH! LOL, it’s ok, but I wasn’t expecting it just yet!

  3. JenniferPiper says:

    This is a great post! I actually just finalized a piece about my ten-year-old son being shamed for his teachers when he announced that he “liked” a girl. This is just a natural progression and while they can;t help their feelings, they can control their behavior. It’s our jobs as parents to help guide them into acceptable behavior.

  4. Dana says:

    I agree. It’s inevitable for the young adults to have crushes and want to be liked and have that first kiss. It’s a magical time but they also may need guidance and have questions.

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