Raab ~ The Malaysian paysam(wheat dalia kheer)!  

All ice creams or desserts are big fail if you can try making this paysam in this recipe given. Very tender taste with mild fragrance of fennel seeds! Because it contains jaggery and condesed milk for sweetness so flavors literally burst in mouth. 😛
This recipe received from a Malaysian cook working for my Qatari friend. She asked her maid to speak the recipe and translated it to English for me.🙏🏼

Ingredients – (Makes for 4-6 servings)
1 Cup wheat dalia
1/2 Cup Butter (desi ghee) 

1 Cup finely chopped deseeded dates

1 Cup finely chopped cashews

1 Cup coconut powder 

4 Cups grated jaggery 

2 Cups coconut milk

1 Cup condensed milk 

8 Cups Fresh whole milk 

1/4 Cup green fennel seeds powder 

4 Tbsp green cardamom powder 

12 Cups water 

Method – 
1- In a big heavy bottom non stick pan heat 1/2 cup desi ghee or butter. Fry 1 cup of dalia in it on low heat for 3-4 minutes. 
2- Add 6 cups of water and mix well.

3- Keep stirring after 5 minutes.

4- Let it boil for 20-25 minutes on low heat.

5- Close the flame and cover it with lid.

6- After one hour open the lid and add 6 cups of water and start boiling it on low flame.Keep stirring it after regular inter wells. 

7- When half qty of water is evaporated, add dates, fennel seeds powder, cashews and mix well.

8- After 10 minutes add fresh whole milk 8 cups. Keep stirring and let it reduce to thick consistency.It will take another 15-20 minutes.

9- Now add condensed milk and coconut milk and give it a good stir. 

10- On the lowest heat keep stirring till it reaches thick consistency. 

11- Fry some cashews in desi ghee and garnish while serving. Warm servings need little desi ghee over the paysam for amazing rich taste. 

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