Super energizer smoothie with 11 ingredients!

Nobody was interested in having dinner after having late lunch. Because of Ramadan Kareem fasting timings we are going through little bit of reshuffle in cooking schedule.

So my son declared he will prefer smoothie and than daughter followed him too. Husband and me are silent and less fussy eaters. So I was in kitchen to create a dinner smoothie with all goodness of indirect dinner.
My smoothie making means whatever is tasty n sweet in house, goes in blender.So after putting the blender pot on mixi, I started putting things in.

Here is my super energizer smoothie with 11 ingredients. For Ramadan iftar or sehri you can make this and it will give you good quantity of energy.


Ingredients ~ For 4 big glasses
(Start putting in blender)

1- 1 Cup pitted cherries

2- 1 Big banana peeled n halved

3- 1 Apple cored and sliced

4- 1 Mango medium (Alphonso I used) peeled n sliced

5- 1/2 Cup cashews and almonds

6- 2 Cups mixed fruit juice

Grind it all very well
Now started pouring in ~
7- 1 Cup milk

8- 1/2 Cup sugar or honey or dates

9- 1 Cup curd

10- 1 Cup vanilla icecream

11- 1 Cup ice cubes

Now start blending it and give it 12-14 good blends.
If possible serve immediately or if later than put the pot in fridge and before serving give one more blend in mixi.

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