Sabakha delight! (Dates shake)

Sabakha is one of the extreme sweet variety of the dates in gulf region. One date is good enough for two cups of sugary milk tea.

So basically it is a dates shake recipe. You can use any kind of dates for this shake.

There is a trick to make this yum shake. You need to grind dates n sugar n vanilla essence for a bit longer time first.

Ingredients for 2 glasses full of shake.

1/2 Cup of Sabakha or any kind of dates

1/4 Cup sugar

1 Tbsp Vanilla essence

2 Cups of chilled milk

2 Cups of chilled/frozen water

Method –

1- In a mixi jar put in dates, sugar, vanila essence with little milk and grind it very well. For almost 2 minutes on regular intervals.

2- Now add milk and grind again.

3- Finally add water and blend well.

4- Serve immediately and if you have plans to serve later do blend it again before serving as dates paste will thicken up after sometime.

Omani pilaf (Pulao) – Forgotten recipe!

Omani pilaf(pulao) is a forgotten delicacy now a days. I had it first in Muscat during my official picnic. One of our Palestine boss bought this in a pool party. He also suggested that it is a forgotten recipe. This pulao was famous as Miskin pulao( means poor people biryani).

The basic concept story about this recipe was that in ancient time people had access to spices due to sea traders but use of fresh vegetables or very fresh meat was quite rare. They used to make fragrant rice often and adding pulses was a common practice too.

Quite easy to make but few things to keep in mind if you really wish to have a very fragrant pilaf(pulao).

For making 4-5 people’s patter –

Ingredients –

6 Cups of basmati rice

2 Cups of chana dal or black masoor dal

1 Cup desi ghee

1/2 cup mix of one cinnamon stick, 6-8 green cardamoms(smashed), 4-6 black cloves, 1 Tbsp black pepper powder, Salt according to taste

2 Cups of thick curd mixed with 2-4 Tbsps dry mint leaves powder, 6-8 fresh garlic paste

Water – to the same level of ingredients

Method –

1- Wash mix of dal and rice very well and soak for 20-30 minutes.

2- In a 5 ltrs cooker (we need more steam so big cooker), heat it on high flame, lower flame and add desi ghee. Let it melt quickly.

3- Strain the rice and dal mix very well.

4- Now add all dry spices mix to melted n warm desi ghee and fry for few seconds only.

5- Now add dal and rice mix and increase the flame.

6- Keep frying the rice and dal for 3-4 minutes on high flame.

7- Now add curd mix.

8- Fry again for 2 minutes.

9- Add water to the mixture and increase little water if you can see the rice. Bit not too much.

10- Let this boil n bubble.

11- Close the lid and take 3 whistles on high flame and 1 whistle on low flame.

12- Open it after one hour only.

13- Serve with fresh mint n curd raita.

Marwari kadak ka atta (For crispiness).

One of our kitchen Maharaj(cook) used to bring this powder in my in laws home. His samosas, paranthas, vadas and kachoris were amazingly crispy. I thought it is a maida or cornflour. But one fine day his wife Usha Aunty(Misrani- cook) told me to how to make it with few strict tips and also to how to use it as well.

Ingredients –

1 Cup Sabudana (sago seeds)

1 Cup Poha (Chivda-flattened rice)

1/2 Cup rice flour

1/2 Cup corn flour


2 Tbsps of baking soda (khaney ka soda- soda by carb)

1- Mix all dry ingredients in a big bowl, cover it with ultra clean cotton cloth and keep in sun light for 2-3 hours. (A must thing to do).

2- Now let it cool down.

3- Put in mixi zar and sprinkle baking soda over it. (Sprinkle it, please do not put just like that).

5- Store in a box and keep it in a cool and dry place.

4- Grind it very well. Sieve 2-3 times in a very ultra thin sieve.

6- Because there is no salt so you can use it in jalebis and shakkarpare mix as well for crispiness.

7- It is not a rising powder. It is for stiffening and crispiness only.

How to use it –

Be cautious. Use only 4-6 tbsps if you are making kachoris, paranthas or samosas along with little extra oil for four people. Increases or decrease according to the ingredients. If you are making six samosas only 2-4 tbsps of this powder is good enough.

Do try, thank me later.

Pindi chhole bhaturey recipe!

Will not take much of your time. Just a simple way to give a recipe which will make you a rocking star in family. My humble thanks to my FaceBook friend and renowned chef Mr. Bharat Khemani ji for this recipe and being around for two hours online when I was in the kitchen. Earth is beautiful because such people become your virtual family.

Please do try and let me know how was it?

For bhature –

1- 6 Cups of maida (all purpose flour)

2- 2 Cups of semolina (suji any kind of)

3- 4 Cups of thick curd

4- 1 Cup of desi ghee(Yes 1 Cup)

5- 1/2 cup of refind oil

6- 2 Tbsps of ajwain(carom seeds)

7- 2 Tbsps of kasuri methi

8- 2 Tbsps of salt

9- 1 Tbsps of Sugar

10- 1 Cup water

11- 1 Tsp baking soda

12- 2 Tbsp Baking powder

Method –

1- Mix curd, desi ghee, refind oil, sugar, salt, baking soda and baking together and whisk well.

2- Mix in suji first and whisk well.

3- Now add maida and start kneading. Mix in little water if required. Dough has to be very tight.

4- Knead it very well for 10-15 minutes. Cover with lukewarm water dipped cloth and cover with lid.

5- When you make bhaturas, please grease your palms, use fresh oil with little desi ghee in it and try to make thin layer of bhatura for crispy ones and thick layer of the dough for the soft ones.

For chhole –

1- Soaked 8 cups of chhole overnight.

2- Washed them very well in the morning.

3- Kept them in heavy bottom big 5 ltr capasity cooker with equal qty water.

4- Now add salt according to taste and 1 tbsps each of haldi(turmeric powder, cloves powder, garlic powder, hari elaichi (green cardamom) powder, black pepper powder, ginger powder, anardana powder, javitri powder, methidana powder, saunf powder, cinnamon powder and few leaves of tej patta.

5- Now add 2 cups of blackened tea decotion(made with 6 tbsps of tea leaves with 2 cups of water).

6- Add 1 cup of raw palak puree as well.

7- A big chunk of tamarind and few big thick cloves of garlic.

8- If you have readymade garam masala and biryani powder/dal makhani powder you can add that as well.

9- Mix well and boiled on high for one whistle and later on lower the flame and take 6-7 whistles.

10- Strain the chanas in a big bowl.

11- Add the chana to a big heavy bottom pan. Turn on the flame to high first than lower the flame. Now sprinkle 1 cup of grated fresh ginger and chopped green chillies over the chana and mix well. Add 8-10 tbsps of chana masala over it. Mix well.

12- Take desi ghee and refind oil mix approx two cups in a non stick pan. Add two big grated onions and fry until golden dark brown and now add 1 big grated tomato to it and fry well.

13- Pour oil ghee mix over the chanas. Fry very well for 5-10 minutes on high. Keep frying for 8-10 minutes. Now start adding chana water to it and keep smashing few of chanas with laddle.

14- Add all water and keep frying. After 10 minutes close the flame and serve with piping hot bhaturas.


Flourless orange chocolate cake.

Well, you do not need flour but you need glucose biscuits to make this yum tangy fluffy cake. 

Ingredients – 

1- 4 Cups of powdered glucose biscuits

2- 2 Cups of coco powder(unsweetened)

3- 2 Cups of powdered sugar

4- 6 Tbsps of Tang powder

5- 2 Cups of evaporated milk

6- 1 Cup of clarified butter (desi ghee or unsalted butter) 

7- 1/4 Cup of dry milk powder(unsweetend)

Recipe (Method) – 

1- Mix powdered biscuits and baking soda in a big bowl very well. Now mix in 4 Tbsps of Tang powder in it and mix again. 

2- In a pan take 1 cup of evaporated milk, 1 cup of powdered sugar, 1 cup of coco powder(unsweetened) and 1/2 cup of butter or desi ghee. Mix well and warm the pan. Let the mix boil for 1 minute. Mix well in to the dry mix.

3- Put the batter in microwave safe baking bowl and heat for 3 minutes on high.

4- Take out and cool it. 

5- Now make glaze(ganache) with mixing 1/2 cup butter/desi ghee, 1/4 cup of powdered sugar, 2 tbsps of Tang powder, 1 cup of unsweetened coco powder and 1/4 cup of unsweetened milk dry powder . Boil and mix well. 

6- Spread very well over the cake, glaze the sides with butter knife for sure and cool it before serving.

7- You need to cool it for 2 hour before serving otherwise it will stick to the knife.