The hidden gem recipe for bedmi(puri/kachori).

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It was invented in Aligarh/Agra region and later on Delhi halwayi community adopted it whole heartedly.

Bedmi puri/kachori was basically in the first placed used to called by the name of ALSAN kachori means lazy puri/kachori.

Once we had a function in home and one halwayi suggested to make alsan kachori. He said everybody names it Bedmi but it is actually Alsan kachori.

So to make those kurkuri puri/kachoris, one needs to put quite hard preparations as well.

You need to soak green moong ki split dal and split urad ki dal in lukewarm water mixed with heeng and ajwain in a clothes potli for 6-8 hours.

After that washing the dals until all covers or chilkas are separated. Now these two dals has to be dried well for 10-12 hours.

Now fry on lowest heat in desi ghee until they become lightest brown.

Next part is to cool them down and grind them as very fine powder.

Measurement is as follows –

4 cups of whole wheat flour

1 Cup of all purpose flour

1/2 Cup of besan

1 Cup of bedmi powder

1 Cup of boiled potatoes paste(pithi)

2 Tbsp powdered ajwain

1 Tbsp heeng

2 Tbsp salt

1 Cup desi ghee

2 Cups of hot water

Method – Mix desi ghee, ajwain powder, salt and heeng into hot water and whisk it very well. Mix in bedmi powder along with boiled potato. Mix for 4-5 minutes.Leave for 30-40 minutes.

Now add flours and start kneading. You need to make it semi tight kind of the dough. Leave aside for one hour minimum before start making the bedmis/alsan kachori.

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