Online things we can buy for our elderly family members!

Recently my close friend Geetika Singhal told me that how she arranged a musical keyboard and computer class for her parents in Mumbai. Her father wished to learn some music and Aunty wanted some self access to the Skype. Geetika searched online, arranged two home tutor through online tuitions. Of course her parents medical assistant is well educated enough to switch one Zoom classes on the laptop for Uncle and Aunty.

This is unique and wonderful way we can actually do a log for our parents. So here is a list of things we can do for our parents.

1- Zomato – This father’s day I sent cake n pizza to my parents in Moradabad through Zomato. It was a contactless delivery due to pandemic.

2- Groceries – Currently we can order fresh produces like dairy, fruits, vegetables and meat n eggs through in major metro cities only but it is also such a great idea. Isn’t it?

3- Electric blankets – They help a lot actually. These are easily available online and not very expensive as well.

4- Massagers – Feet massagers, shoulder massagers and body massaging chairs are best gifts for the parents. Trust me one good body massaging chair(if you can really afford) is one of the best thing to gift.

6- Almond powder and dates – This option is good if your parents are in need of immediate good proteins. Almond powder is available in organic options too. Dates are good if your elder ones are not diabetic.

7- Medicated socks – These are one of the best buys. First I bought for myself from a pharmacy in London and I felt so good that I bought few pairs for my family persons as well. They keep providing strong muscle support to feet and you feel less tired even after long walks. Great buys.

8- Magazines – Yes! There are many websites including magzterdotcom which provides all major magazines online with very nominal yearly fees. So basically it is a everyday read material for those who love to read on regular basis.

9- Newspaper link – Providing all major newspapers links to your parent to go through online and that is too free is an amazing idea! Isn’t it? I keep reading Jagran, Amarujala alongwith TOI online myself too.

10- Gardening equipments and appliances – Once my sister in law was struggling with her old toaster as well as a good garden sprinkler cum water pipe and I thought of buying her a 4 slicer toaster and garden pipe. She felt so great as her life is somehow much easier now.

11- Medical services/house-helpers/security – With all kind of registered online help available now a days, you can get a good assistant for your parents with verified background. No worries. My student’s mommy got two licensed armed security guards, one medical assistant and one house help for her parents living in a bungalow from online sources. All verified and reliable agency keeps changing them time to time.

If we can do a lot for our elderly close ones, we might be teaching few things indirectly to our coming generations. Isn’t it?

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