Two cheap and easy recipes for cat and kitten food.

As we all know that in this pandemic era, survival of humans is a big thing and lot many people are dumping their pets to save the cost of living.

I can see in my neighborhood lot many fur balls roaming on roads and it seems they were highly pampered too. They do not like to dig in garbage cans and face terrorism from the stray goon cats as we saw in multiple Hollywood’s animated movies. 

This is very shameful for humans indeed. Anyways let us discuss some happy heart recipes to feed the cats in streets or at home. I am also one of such mommies whose kids are mad about pets. We are currently feeding approx 13 cats in the street plus two mommy cats with their 7 cute kittens. 

I am a remarried widow and husband is totally against of keeping the pets. So my local friend, very generous lady and me keep trying many things for cats. We found home made unsweetened fresh almond milk is very healthy for kittens but almonds are quite expensive. 

So we tried and tried and tried. Finally we reached to two recipes. 

1- Grind the dry cat food – Yes! Grind several cups of dry cat food to a very fine powder. Now all you need is 2 Cups of cat food plus 4 cups of fresh and drinkable water. Start mixing little water like first you mix 1 cup and mix 2 cups of powder into it and mix other cups of water one cup by one cup. You can feed 3-4 big cats, 4-6 medium sized cats and 10-12 kittens with this much food. Tip – If you have money, you can mix in freshly made finely powdered almonds also into it.

2- Soak 1/2 Cup of rice overnight. In the morning grind it to the fine thin paste. You need to mix in this at least 2 cups of water. Mix it very well. Microwave on high this mix for 4-6 minutes. Now add one pouch of Friska or any other brand’s fish/beef/chicken in gravy pack into it or grind one small medium size fresh or dry fish into paste. Mix very well. You can feed 7-8 small kittens (one month old) with it or two big cats with this for one meal. 

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