Urban beggars of India!

Like all Muslims don’t sacrifice animals on Eid, they buy mutton and chicken to celebrate festivals, same with Navratris. Not all Hindus celebrate it and make halwa chana puri and alu ki sabzi. 19-24 Bihari, Marwadis, Marathi, Tamil and Kerala Hindu families around as neighbors and friends. They do not celebrate Navmi or gift anything to the girls. But their expectations from me is to make 40-45 plates of halwa puri chana and alu sabzi with heavy gifts for kids AND A BIG EXTRA plate of same for adukts are useless greedy mindsets just like my Kerala Muslim neighbor’s family friends expect her to make biryani and kebabs for 500 people on Eid.They are hardcore blind to see that she is mother of 4 kids with husband and very old aged in laws in home.

We are two females from different religions but one pair for the festival expectations from those people(housewives) who hardly care to gift anything to both of us on festivals. These females literally die to serve water even when somebody goes to their home but in others house they can eat for free and backbite like educated mental retards about their bartans kitchen and living standards.

Some people are born with a mindset that from where we are going to beg for what? Instead of what we can gift to others. What kind of mindset they are developing in their kids? Bheekh mango sabse saari umar aur do kuch nahi?

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