10 Things to do as a receptionist/secretary in new work place.

When I joined my new job as FOE (Front office executive) I followed these few simple things to avoid any kind of menace later on.Trust me these tips really work.

1- Keep quite for for 1 month 

Just keep quite at your best possible, speak less, joke less and observe what others are doing.Just a matter of 30 days.It will give you ample idea of work culture and people you are going to deal with for the rest of your job.

2- Dress best

Select your dresses/attire for a month in advance and dont dress what others are dressing like.If they are shabby or over dressed or well dressed, just follow your own dressing sense and don’t start following others rituals to have a scarf around neck or long n thick neck accessories.Show urself unimpressed and be yourself with your best clothes.Cheap clothes give your for granted type of look so even if u have less to wear not too much expensive, wear it cleaned ironed and well frag-ranted way.Just be yourself and stay clean.

3- Focus on technical aspects related to your post.

Ask maximum questions about which report you have to make every weekend like vehicle log books, swipe cards details,attendance and leaves maintenance, pantry requisitions,stationary requisitions,telephonic and email ids of office supplies vendors,reimbursement forms of office staff and regular visitors behavior.


4- Keep writing for the first 5 days.

Keep a small diary or notebook and ask the reliever every tiny details.Office opening timings, closing timings,who to contact for legal issues or building maintenance issue,your own responsibilities for office day to day work.Just keep taking notes.

5- Operate all office automation machines twice in front of old employees.

It is very very important.Just ry to give few prints yourself and if all of the staff is connected to one major printer than see the settings in the printer options on ur screen.Ask if the printer is colored one or black n white and if using the id card ti required to operate the colored ones.Ask the setting sand operations of Fax machine, staplers and file binding machines as well as laminating machines too.Check how to use swipe card related software and change the signatures in outlook too.

6- Make the contact lists but avoid this point.

Check and make a new contact list of office staff containing their office extensions, email ids and personal mobile numbers so that you can can contact with them in case of emergency.Make a new list of office vendors and regular clients too.Avoid to tell your social media details in your new office staff colleagues strictly.Dont add them for at least first 6 months.

7- Drink water set alarm reminders.

Try to drink at least 7-8 glasses of water in office.It will keep your anxiety levels down and give you chance to move around more often while going in n out washroom and you will get familiar of what is going on in office.You can have a look on your colleagues more frequently too.

8- Take light snacks in big packet.

Sharing eatables opens the initial barriers in between.So even if others are not bringing in much you keep taking office chips or cheeseballs or good kind of cookies.This is finest thing to get hold of your colleagues more easily.People love eating from others packet and it is a general kiddish human nature.But dont jump into others lunch boxes yourself.Share yourself but avoid eating from others for first few days.

9- Don’t backbite but have  all the ears.

Keep your mum and keep listening. Don’t react on anything at all.Just keep watching everything and keep listening.Use appropriate words and practice few good words like fantastic, Pleasure is mine to give a good feel about you to the people u r surrounded with.



10- Be honest

Yes be honest, quite, sober and well dressed always.Offer help to those who are over pressurized with work.If you have any problem just reach your boss first.Make inventory of everything available in stationary and pantry as a list.it will help you later to check what was not there when you joined.And take sign of the person who is handing over the charge to you.

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