Five happy habits we can teach our kids for free.

1- Praying morning and evening – It is important because it improves kids believe in having active interaction with their own faith in good things.It gives confidence and stress free day.

2- Praising the favors –  No matter how small is a favor we should always teach the kids to say thank you and praise that effort or favor.It matters.They will grow up in admiring the society and social values.

3- Return the things on time –  Show the way to kids by doing it yourself. Return the borrowed car with fuel tank refilled up or cleaning and gift wrapping that clothes iron you asked for.Or return the money little more what you asked for. Show your kids how to live n behave in good society.

4- Repairing the things –  Don’t rush to buy a new thing always.First try to repair it or get it repaired by technician or tailor or any professional. It can be TV, washing machine, blazer. Just tell them the value of retaining things little more with little effort or repairing it.

5- No back biting –  In front of kids don’t do back biting or even say anything bad about others food etc. Kids learn this habit very quickly and start doing it immediately. Have a bad feeling about something than try to ignore it or  say it to yourself when you are alone. But never in front of the kids. They are learning everything from you to use later in social habits.

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