10 Tiny almond laddus for my daughter and her friends.

I had loads of Californian almonds and the first thing came to my mind was almond laddus only when my daughter Bhavya  told me that she need some sweet for her 10 school busmates. 

Now problem was to check if they are nut allergic or not? So after checking with them next day my daughter gave me NOC to make almond laddus for them. 😜

I had plans to make Nutella cupcakes but here in middle eastern countries kids are actually feel bored of eating chocolates lot many times. Than taking 10 cupcakes was headache too as it neeeded proper storage too. 

So finally we made almond laddus for Bhavya and her little gang. 

Ingredients – 

2 Cups big and good quality almonds (dry n no soaking in water required as well as skin peeling)

1 Cup sugar 

2 Tbsp green cardamom powder

1 Tsp black cardamom powder

Method – 

1- Put all things in blender.

2- 20-25 Good blends for 4-5 seconds each time all it needs.

3- The almonds shall start ooIng out its own oil in the last few grinds. 

4- Mixi may got hot so you can give little interwals while grinding.

5- Take ice cream scoop to measure and make each laddu.

6- For decoration use black cardamom powder with finger tip. 

Through out winters I keep making these laddus because it is very good for kids immune system to fight back with flu and fevers. 

6 thoughts on “10 Tiny almond laddus for my daughter and her friends.

    • Prachi Varshney says:


      Many thanks for the interest.

      Never tried with these options. Actually Almonds start oozing out oil after fine grinding. So better prevent adding more gooey texture like dates syrup but yes adding gur seems like great idea. Even I will tey this next time. Will ask somebody around if they can get it from India for me.

      Can you try it with gur and send me pic? Want to see and hear how it is actually in looks and taste.

      Kind regards

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