10 Tricks(unimaginable) to save money.

Here is a quick list of things you are actually wasting your precious money by buying them a lot.

If you are in habit of buying/doing a lot please do stop them now and with in 2-3 years a lot of money can be found in your bank account.

Here you go ~

1- Trousers ~ There is no use of having loads of trousers/jeans. People hardly notice them. A couple of very good brand jeans and well stitched are good enough for several years (decades if you can keep yourself fit)to go.

2- Shoes ~ One good quality pair of home slippers is enough when you are perfectly grown up adult. Now all you need is few pairs of good leather n canvas n sports shoes. If the quality to too good you can easily pass several years in the same.

3- Clothes cleaning detergent ~ Shocked? Yes change your habit of washing clothes every day or second day. Wash your laundry once a week. It will improve your clothes quality, save water and detergent too.

4- Toiletries ~ Buy your 6 Months to 1 years toiletries in one go at any scheme. It is going to affect you from multiple market trips and you will-be saved from extra useless expenditures. 5- Socks buying n washing trick ~ Buy few pair of dark color socks and wash them carefully without loosing one. White socks often goes dirty and you are forced to buy them again. By giving little attention to the details you are going to use them longer.

6- Tiny electronic gadget care ~ Clothes iron, toaster and blenders. By giving them less load and careful storage so that they are not misused or fall down you are not going to the stores again and again. If you are highly photography enthusiastic or into blogging than only go for a very high end camera otherwise avoid buying any such gadgets which keep upgrading every six months or so.One good quality thing can go for several years.

7- Snacks ~ Yes try to control snacking.Replace it with fruits and home made curd n veggies based smoothies. Snacks actually grab a major part of our budget. Hyper markets know well about this money minting part of your grocery shopping. They keep replacing their shelves with lot many different brands with more prices. If you think that your favorite biscuit is out of stock? Nope they hold them and indirectly force to buy other brand.

8- Car trips ~ The moment you stop using public conveyances you actually put a money eating bomb in your wallet. I agree using public transportation with family is a big headache but you give less opportunity to your kids to understand the value of money by doing this. Book in advance to avoid inconvenience but start using public transport once or few times a month.

9- Breakfasting out not dining out ~ According to Ayurveda and several dietitians your eating habits should-be more focused on having good breakfast, moderate lunch and no dinner at all. After 5-6 pm there shall be no grains in your dinner plate. Replace your dinner with smoothies and opt for breakfasting out. Breakfast itself means breaking a fast that means you were fasting for long night hours. People spend less when they are fresh. So please avoid dining out.

10- Gifts ~ A reasonable note of cash in envelope is still better than a useless expensive gift/jewellery. The moment you do it you actually turn your own precious money into trash or block it’s better rotation.I got several tiny pieces of useless imitation but expensive jewels/dinner sets in my wedding which is a trash but the gifted cash is saved in banks fixed deposits. Imagine which gift made me more rich?

If you even start following minimum 5 ways to save money by the end of year you will be surprised to have generous amount in your bank account.

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