11 Healthy flight tips!

1- Tight your hairs in the best way possible. Airport high ACs actually sucks your hair’s natural oil and gives them dullness n dust. Keeping them tight means less damage to hairs.Wrap some scarf around hairs if possible.Same with skin. Keep wet wipes with you and compact powder for immediate makeup rescues. Tight hairs, well moisturized skin with few dabs of compact powder can give you film stars look anywhere within 2 minutes.

2- Give your feet maximum rest. Wear flats and that too sneakers. Rub some Vicks Vapors or Mint infused cream inside the sneakers. It will keep giving your feet rest, keeps odor away and you will feel less tired too. Airports and flights are always long way to go. You are torturing your own body by wearing high heels.

3- Keep your own relaxed music with player with you always. All of sudden new music or programs on airplane create anxiety.

4- Keep the meal simple and vegetarian because they give extra attention to vegetarian meals. Even their desserts are better and 90 % time fresher.

5- Kids are so important. Never leave them out of reach. Always sit on the corners and let them sit window side so they won’t create issues for other travelers. That way they are safe from drunks or even alert ones physical molestation too. I have seen one kid getting molested from a elderly drunk and his co traveler(both were rubbing hands on her private parts vigorously) while her parents were busy in sleeping. Be alert and attentive if your kids wish to go to washrooms. Shouting, crying or fighting kids always get worst stares.

6- Carrying huge toys, handbags and neck pillows means less space for you and more inconvenience for your co passengers. If you really need to carry something like it please wash it before start. Nobody likes your multi-used stinky things close to them.

7- Always carry one little bigger cotton hanky with you. Nearest to reach. Sneezes and sudden spills never carry a tissue box with them. They need to be cover immediately and the moment you see somebody suffering from flu you can cover your face at least.

8- Start for flights with full stomach. Soups, food, chocolates or anything homemade. Full yourself, go to washroom and keep a light snack with you. You will save a huge chunk of money by not spending on uselessly high priced airport food outlets.

9- Make a list instead of shopping for yourself for NEXT time, click pictures and plan to buy rather than real buying. Do not splurge uselessly. You may end up in cashless situation later and that time that airport buy is not of any use for you.

10- Keep yourself busy in reading, writing or typing long messages to long awaited relatives instead of initiating talks with strangers. This will prevent you from unwanted situations too.

11- Too much show offs means too much show offs. You are traveling by a flight is good enough to show your caliber. Be simple as much as you can.

All the best.👍🏻

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