12 Ways you irritate your colleagues on purpose!


Yes we all do that and know it well also. Let us check what all we are doing in a most abusive manner knowingly or may be unknowingly.

1- Not sharing good food with colleagues. They can smell and crave for it.

2- Flirting with married males/females on cheap purposes. Whole office knows what is going on and your all family reputation goes in mud in one go.

3- Discussing about their kids problems in front of childless colleagues.

4- Planning personal outings in high tones with few colleagues in front of other colleagues.

5- Parking vehicles in others designated parkings without taking their permissions.

6- Taking office stationary to home.(Nobody is blind, they know what you doing, ok?)Same with printing own stuff on office printer.

7- Asking a person, distributing something good, to give you extra for you family.

8- To ask lift/car pooling directly without considering their own schedule.

9- Calling colleagues on holidays to discuss office matters for long minutes.

10- Asking colleagues direct questions about their private/personal life in a decent manner and later on spreading it to widest level possible in hush hush mode.Now a days HR knows well and degrades such employees continuously.

11- Wearing dirty shoes and stinky/smelly clothes to office regularly.

12- Eating raw onions or garic based foods and not using mouth fresheners afterwards. 

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