Six helpful points to ruin that killer deal with a salon.

Six helpful points to ruin that killer deal with a salon.

Well well well!

So you are happy to get a deal or coupon for a combo deal at a parlor/salon around or may be bit far away. But hardly matters. Finally you can pamper yourself for a while within a budget. Right? Nope you can be too damn wrong too. Not every time but yes many times for sure.

1- By not taking your extra pair of undergarments and own towel – Yup they hide the facts for certain reasons. Once you pay them at the reception. Like it is going to be a very BIG deal. But stay calm and tell them that if you need any you will buy it later but not now.So if you have body scrub/body massage kind of thing in package, put one pair of under garments, tissue box and towel for sure with you.

2- You are not so keen on duration of your deal? – Well checking in advance for the duration of this killer deal for multi tasks in one go means you need a skin specialist, nail therapists and hair expert. So if they have one staff dedicated to you or different persons are going to take care of your killer deal? You might think of 2-3 hours and end up in spending 4-5 hours in the salon. Check this before for sure. Otherwise you might find lot many new walk-ins persons fighting for attention, time or sitting space for sure.


3- You might ruin your pedicure with these sneakers – Better go in slippers/flipflops instead of tight sneakers. Because if you getting late and your nail expert decides to do the nail paint in the last it is going to be a blunder by spoiling your nail paint in a sneaker.

4- So you forgot your make up pouch or what? – Keeping your own moisturizer along with makeup kit in you salon visit bag is a must. Don’t expect them to give you anything for free and full of hygiene too. Just take your own things for last touch up including moisturizer and compact.

5- Trying that extra soft conversation? – Noway! Just be professional, avoid any personal talks and details giving habits might put you in their “she is soft, she can wait for 2-3 hours” list. They will serve those first who are shouting and cursing. Trust me. Just avoid any direct eye contact and be bit tough and not reachable kind of person. Let them feel you are not easy to tackle. Your work will

be done in set duration.

6- Are you getting lured by that little extra money and you will get THAT? – They are trained to get money out of your pocket by suggesting small things/treatments. If you are on budget, just take your headphones with you and ask them to start for whatever is included in the deal. They will know that you won’t be hearing and you will save a lot by putting that pair of headphones over your ears.

All the best.

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