2 Ingredients BOTOX therapy from your kitchen! 

It is a very quick remedy to fix wrinkles, I call it two minutes Botox therapy from my kitchen. It is very highly effective.You can try it now. All you need is whole wheat flour and milk. 

But it needs a trick to apply over the face and a trick to remove it from face.

You need to wash your face with lukewarm water. After that you need to mix whole wheat flour and milk immediately and apply on face and lie down.

Now lie down under a fan so that so that within 20-30 minutes this face pack dries up.

Now wash your face with normal water and with chilled cold water.

Check your sparkling face in the mirror. Can you see the shine and wrinkle free face in the mirror.

Don’t  forget to say thank you to me.Lols😜

* Not for acne skin 

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