2 Minutes Gulab Jamuns(Ok let us say ten minutes only)! 

This is a very easy and quickest recipe to make gulab jamuns. All you need is below mentioned ingredients ~ 
Ingredients – (12 medium sized gulab jamuns)

Step – 1

3-4 Cups sugar

2 Cups water

4 Tbsp gulabjal

1 Tbsp green cardamom powder

(Mix all and let it simmer on lowest flame)

Step – 2

1/2 Cup Self raising flour

1/2 Cup whole milk powder

1 Tbsp Suji (semolina – any kind)

1/2 cup fresh cream

1 Tbsp melted desi ghee

(Mix all to semi tight n glossy dough. Keep

kneadin when u see shining it is done.

Make 12 tiny balls of all the dough)

Step – 3

1 Cup desi ghee

4 Cups fresh refind oil

(Heat oil plus desi ghee in heavy botton big pan on lowest flame for 1-2 minutes only and put all dough balls for frying, keep waving the pan for little shaking the dough balls and the moments dough balls are golden brown just close the flame. 

Step – 4 

Take out all and dip into the syrup and close syrup pan’s gas flame too.Give it little stir and close the lid.

This recipe is different because we used fresh cream and self raising flour alongwith little desi ghee too. 

This way your gulab jamuns will turn out most perfect one always. Melt in the mouth types! 

Happy cooking! 

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