3 Ingredients (2 minutes) ice pack for super shining spotless face!

This pack is actually an invention from the heart of a mother who is fighting a battle of clean skin for her acne ridden skin faced son.

Milord its ME MYSELF 😂

So I trued rubbing raw potato or fresh lemon juice or pomegranate juice on his face with loads of disasters on his favorite t shirts.

Finally I thought of all my laziness in peeling pomegranates for this issue.( Once I bought little pomegranate and it lied there on kitchen counter for 12-14 days as I was being a lazy cow not dared to look at it)….Trust me🤓

So here is a remedy which I thought of being so damn lazy and somehow in first application on my son's skin I felt "wow"! 😱

So it is a very simple n lazy recipe basically. If you feel like getting rid of tanning, spots, dull facial skin pls make it. It works just as fresh pack too.


1/4 Cup fresh lemon juice
1/4 Cup freshly grated potato (unpeeled and washed) juice
1/4 Cup of freshly squeezed pomegranate juice


Mix all in a glass or melamine bowl and freeze.

How to use it ~

Take the bowl out and scrap little approx 2 tbsp on your palm and rub over the face. You can wash face immediately after 5 minutes but if you can wait little longer it is fine.

This pack works best for shining the skin and spot reduction.


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