How to hire a tutor for kids in India! (10 Points to ponder).

  • 1- Tuition means your kid will get help from one person who is interested to sit with him for an hour or so. You will get quality time of 1 hour from another person.
  • 2- His concepts in studies will become professionally clear from third person. So his vision will be more cleared i.e. he will start learning from school, you and tutor. He will be more open minded.
  • 3- He will start taking care of his things like notebooks n books more carefully because his answerability is now to three parties. School, you and tutor.
  • 4- Keeping tutor kids actually controls his routine from shattered one to controlled one. Now it depends if you ask for help from tutor by asking for little more homework so that he can be away from gadgets and tv longer. Recent trip to India we hired a teacher very early morning for my son. He was for the whole day in taking swimming classes, Mam's home work and enjoying family outings. He hardly touched his play station.
  • 5- Repeat action of studies means your kiddo will be continuously thinking about same chapter, same bunch if words and finally he will becoming more sincere about learning the things at his own.
  • 6- Never send kids to group tuitions at all. Not all kids are there for studies. They go so many places for freaking out and might get a bad company. Tuition at home means full value and full attention at your own place.
  • 7- If it is about primary level studies pls go for a male teacher for male kid and female teacher for female kid. It is about gaining the basic habits from the same gender. Check teacher's reviews and background. Also make sure that you are always in sight the place he sits with tutor.
  • 8- Never leave kid alone with tutor for more than 10 minutes. Keep passing by to check on them in not disturbing way. In few days both will come to know that you are around. Kid will be satisfied and tutor will be alert.
  • 9- Never tell anything too personal to the tutor or even indulge in personal talks like his personal matters, his marriage or her financial matters. Stand strong with non involvement in anything personal. There is a reason for that. The moment you start making too much advances the other person starts taking you for granted and their unreasonable wishes start pouring out. This is a human tendency. I did a one mistake of chatting to his tutor and my son's tutor started taking loads of holidays. I stopped talking to her at all.
  • 10- Set your rules in the very first start. Fix holidays and salary cuts in the start. Tell clearly that total 4 holidays a month. More than that will not be entertained. Stick to that.Never give money yourself. Say your husband will be paying. It creates a little fear of facing a male for too much holidays or not appropriate performance of the kid.
  • All the best!

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