5 Cool and energy full drinks to start and complete your fasting.i

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Somehow we all need a bucketful of energy to go through whole day of fasting isn’t it?

So here we go with 5 home made super energy full drinks recipes in one go.

1- Almond mango shake – (for 2-3 servings)

1 Big ripe n sweet mango pulp

2 Cups super chilled milk

1 Cup almond+1 Cup sugar (finely powdered)

1 Cup Vanilla/mango icecream

Method –

Just mix fresh n sweet mango pulp with vanilla/mango icecream, super chilled milk, sugar and powdered almonds in a blender and serve immediately.

Caution – Do not mix, make and keep in fridge. It changes tastes and gets gooey after 1-2 hours.

2- Jigar thanda thandai -(for 2-3 servings)

1- 2 Cups of watermelon peeled n sliced

2- 2 Cups of milk

3- 1/2 Cup Rooh Afzah

4- 1/2 Cup sugar

5- 1/4 Cup rose water

Method –

All you need is fresh n sweet water melon pcs with seeds, super chilled milk, Rooh Afza, sugar and rose water. Blend well strain and serve immediately.

Caution – Never mix cardamom powder etc in it otherwise you won’t be able to taste its real taste.

3- Banana almonds smoothie -(for 2-3 servings)

1- 1 Cup rolled oats

2- 1 Big ripe n sweet banana

3- 2 Cups of super chilled milk

4- 1 Cup almonds and 1 cup sugar powdered

5- 1 Tbsp green cardamom powder

Method –

This is a tricky one. First grind finely 1 cup almonds with 1 cup sugar now add green cardamom powder to it and grind again. Now in a bigger jar mix 1 cups of rolled oats,sweet banana (peeled) along with super chilled milk and blend all and serve immediately.

Caution – If you do not like green cardamom you can add cinnamon powder or vanilla essence too.

4- Cashew and apple lassi – (for 2-3 servings)

1- 1 Cup cashews and 1/2 cup sugar powdered

2- 2 Sweet apples peeled and grated

3- 2 Cups of chilled dahi/curd

4- 1 Tbsp cinnamon powder

Method –

Well peel n grate finest sweetest apples. Now add cashew and sugar powder to it in a big jar along with super chilled curd and cinnamon powder, blend well and serve.

Caution – Check for apple seeds otherwise they can give bitterness.

5- Peaches and 7UP drink – (for 2-3 servings)

1- 2 Cups pulp/slices of peeled peaches

2 – 3 Cups of Chilled 7UP

3- 1 Tsp black-salt

4- 1/2 Tap black pepper powder

5- 2-3 Tbsp sugar

Method –

Take pre washed big sweet peaches slices along with 7 UP, sugar,pinch of black salt and black pepper powder.Blend well and serve chilled.

Caution – This you can make, keep in fridge and serve up-to 2 days maximum. Tastes really grate.

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