5 Hacks to avoid online content theft. 

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Recently my 8-9 years old account was disabled on a most popular social media platform. My all content and pictures of several  years were gone in one disabled issue. I sent my passport copy, visa copy but no use. They gave me a far Europe based tiny country’s address to communicate. I lost all hope. 

Then one of my friend started noticing that my content was shamelessly copied n circulated by other food bloggers in their names. Even my poetry n stories n posts were copied by one of the leading lifestyle website. 

When my friend started retaliating on several facebook groups against this, she was blocked n ungrouped too. Then we realized that how big is this fraud going on in the world of internet. 

Even the tiny jokes about my both kids Kutkut and Chulbuli were copied n renamed without my permission. I was heart broken shattered badly.

So here are few things(mistakes) I would like you all to know to avoid this online content theft. 

1- You are not alone – The moment you show you are one man army all thieves start rolling eyes over your pictures, recipes, posts and articles. Show them that you are team of family, friends and regular professional web host who keep an eye on your hardwork. 

2- You are not needy at all – Here is a small narration of my story. I sent few articles to a leading life style website that what newly married can do in advance to be more adoptive in newly married environment and few other family topics. Two weeks later that website published my firstarticle in new words here n there. That means they were passing on my articles to their own hired content thieves (writers). While submitting your article just mention this “I am sending this articles to few others and if you are really interested please get back as soon as possible).Let them know that they are not alone in this world to see your content.It is in other hands too. 

3- To who so ever it may concern – Always mention one line that your content is legalized way all yours. You have copyrights and proofs of your ownwriteups like date of publishing etc.. Try to post food pictures with your family persons or something you own heirloom or very strongly. One of my food blogger friend posts her all posts in big copper vessel special carved on her order. But I know it is bit weird idea but for food bloggers it can be a tricky thing n handy thing to stop content theft.

4- Strong social network with real well wishers helps – I was ungrouped from several groups because I was retaliating hard  for content theft facing friends very strongly. One USA based Indian women group had weird problems that why Indian food bloggers are complaining about content theft? I still wonder how these finicky women run their own households and families if they are not able to handle a general discussion in group. But yes having strong network on social media keeps you awake that ‘your content is being stolen by whom?’ 

5-  Controlled release of content – Try to be friend in those groups having 2500 members at least. Post in twitter, FaceBook, Linkedln and wherever you can but with target audience. Not in every this and that place. 

Happy writing! 

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