Palak ki Shami (Spinach shami kebabs) 

Well, long time back I used to live in Aligarh. After Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh this is the real foodies city.

Halwayis of this city are too good as well as being in close proximity of villages, home made food is equally too pure n good too. 

My most memorable days from Aligarh are festival days. The enthusiasm, fragrance and food still knocks door of my mind. 

Palak shami is one of the most loved recipe from my Aligarh kitchen. I learnt it from my husband’s friend’s mother. 

It is a bit lengthy recipe but worth trying n making.  

Ingredients – (8-12 medium shamis)

1 Cup boiled Peas

1 Cup boiled n squeezed palak (spinach) 

1 Cup grated n boiled carrot

1 Cup mashed fresh paneer(cottage cheese)

1 Cup washed Poha(chivda) flattened rice

2 Big potatoes boiled, peeled and mashed 

2 Eggs plain omelette without salt 

6 Big cloves of garlic – peeled n grated

1/2 Cup fresh ginger juice

1/2 Cup green chillies very finely chopped

1/2 Cup pudina (mint) leaves chopped

4 Tbsp salt

1 Tbsp kali mirch powder(black pepper)

1 Tbsp nutmeg powder

1 Tbsp cinnamon powder

1 Tbsp cloves powder

1 Tbsp green cardamom powder

1 Tbsp lightly fried jeera(cumin seeds)

1 Tbsp crushed coriander seeds

4 Tbsp seasame seeds lightly fried n crushed 

1/2 Cup desi ghee melted 

Refind oil for frying

Corn flour -8-9 tbsp mixed with half cup water


1- Except potatoes keep all the things in blender and mix very well. 

2- In a bowl add mashed or grated potatoes and blended mix. Mix this all for 8-9 minutes with rubbing well type hands. Than make small tikkis and keep it in a plate. Place this plate in fridge for half hour.

3- Now heat oil in deep pan upto medium hot.

4- Take out shamis plate from fridge and start dipping them into corn flour water mix and frying into heated oil.Put one tikki at a time. So many tikkis may get broken.

5- You can lightly fry than do rest of browning on nonstick tava for more crisp texture. Or light brown them in deep oil also.

6- Tastes great with corriander n mint green chutney. 

**Kindly do tell me before copying n pasting my contents n pics. 😜

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