5 Indian parenting hacks for kids mathematic skills development.

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We the Indians have mathematic in our genes since beginning.We create a base for our kids to do simple mathematic by counting this n that way.

1- Finger tips – Use fingertips and internal sections for teaching that each finger got three and each palm got 15 sections. So basically our kids can do up to 30-60-120-240 calculation on hand. It works up to 2nd grade calculation very easily.

2- Tables – Since start of studies like prep or kindergarten please ask your kid to read tables up to 10 everyday two times without missing a single day. It helps a lot. Once kids remember basic tables up to 10 their word problem solving up to grade 4th are very easy.

3- Analog watch reading – Give them one analog watch with how to read it and calculate to keep and whenever u need to see time ask your kiddos. Analog watch reading efficiency can solve their mathematics studies more easier up to grade 6th.

4- Repeat readings – Reading one thing 4 or 5 times means they shall know by heart that what is basic problem in the sum. That way they can always use correct formula and will never end up in giving wrong answer because if they are not satisfied they will keep calculating. Final answers will be right always. This habit will help them later in higher grades when they will face reasoning or objective questions.

5- Warm up exercises– Always (everyday)give them 20-40 simple sums to do. Like addition, multiplication, subs-traction or division. It gives a little warm up to their mind before starting the real maths and their results will be accurate. 
Happy parenting! 

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