5 High in demand professions your kids should know about. 

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PS4, Ipad, Smart phones, 24 hours internet with good speed and TV ….this is how here in middle eastern country where I live, kids grow up. Not much human interaction, every second kid of their class goes to US or UK for higher studies and parents are busy in earning petro dollors. But our kids should know well that there are several opportunities to earning from home too rather than jumping in to the race of becoming doctor, engineer or something else like others. We have solid examples of lot many doing great in home business but still we are not ready to give this kind of exposure to our kids. 

Let us see which kind of peofessions our kids can opt for solid earnings that is too by staying back at home rather than wasting time in career jungles out of the home.

1- Writing – Content writing is an amazing profession if yoir kid is dreamy and can think about sevral things same time. It requires good vocabulary, attention to the details and iamgines himself as a part of big part of big picture.

How to develop a budding writer  – Let your kid learn a lot, read a lot about his topics of taste and try to get his articles published somewhere, publishing is also not very expensive now a days or he can get his own website.It is also very cheap now a days. 

2- Catering- Passion for cookery is rising fast amongst kids. All thanks to successful food blogger mothers. Kids are getting enthusiatic about spices and recipes. So instead of bullying them just let them know about the professional opportunities in this field. Food is having roaring earning potential now a days. Good quality, variety and disciplined delivery can do wonders. All your kid need is passion about developing the recipes. 

How to ecourage your kid – Start with school fairs by telling them counting the investment per portion of the food, placing the best and reasonable price tag for the food. Preparing tricks, packaging tips and developing relations with customers by taking their contact details for the future communications. 

3-Tailoring- Yes now a days kids are more aware about the clothes, brands, fashion and styles in demand rather than us. They know well about color combinations and type of clothes they need to look presentable. Festivals and wedding seasons are great opportunities to earn. Tailoring need great passion for threads, needles, embroidery, stitching, designing and perfect combinations. It is not a gender based  profession. Let your kids know that how much money is there in this profession. 

Raising a perfect tailor – Let them explore the world of textiles, physical differences , mindsets and cultural differences of cloth wearing traditions. Take them to market to check what is new kind of laces or stitching materials.

4- Home tuitions- Trust me but in the recent years it is one of the most profitable business for the well educated persons. Own timings, highly adaptive nature and brilliancy in certain subject can do wonders for those who are looking for the out of the box kind of job. It is very tradional but very modern way to earn. 

Being a perfect tutor – Excellence in certain subjects with best concentration is very helpful to get highly paid opportunities. Getting one professional degree is big help indeed.

5-Investment Consultants- It requires only few guidelines and accounting background with deep interest in the share markets. Best thing is people trust own family member or known one to invest their money. Mutual funds and share markets are a big rage for those who want monthly income with one time investments. All your kid need is computing system and few good clients ready to invest as per his advices. 

That one trustworthy person – Being honest is the first key to this business. Strong exposure to the global and local stock market and market atmosphere is a must. Let him start with watching business news. 

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