11  Confidence boosting tips for joining a job after long gap.

Recently I joined a job after 1 years plus time gap. What I did all is narrated below to guide you as mother and good friend.Follow my foot steps for a better kick off start to office life back.

Getting a job is quite difficult indeed now a days but it is a fun and only way to gain your confidence back indeed.

1- Exercise – Be back in shape.Start applying for jobs as well as start going for morning walks too.Maintaining your body gives immense mental peace and keeps you away from joining back stress too.
2- Control weight – Set alarms for smoothies of veggies n fruits.Stop eating any fast food and reduce your diet.Cook less food enough for your family but not for you. at interviews you should look cheered up glowing and pleasant person full of energy.

3- Stand a lot – Start standing a lot in house. Sit less and walk around.Feel like you are in office roaming around.Wear your best office clothes, heels and makeup and feel confident. Do mock drills in house. This will give a regular feel of being at office and when you will join back you will be more confident.

4- Join online courses – Whatever soft wares are related to your jobs try to find small upgraded courses online and complete them and get certifications. They help a lot in understanding the work environment better.You will be more open to challenges.

5- Promise yourself – Promise yourself that for one first one month in office you will speak less and listen more. Promise yourself that you will be more focused on job rather than crying your home problems to new office colleagues.Because your company might be noticing you since you start. Keep yourself motivated and keep talking about company rather than yours or others personal lives.

6- Office Automation- When everybody leaves for work or school start typing on computer. Start with a news paper article and try to write 500 words every day and increase your speed. Do it two times after one hour interval. You will see the difference within 3-4 days.Check videos on you tube on how to operate the latest fax machines or printers or binding machines.

7- Hair care n skin care n handbag – Do facials, bleach and face packs. Take full body massages and get rid of that dead skin all in all. rejuvenate yourself and looks fabulous. Reinvent yourself and start glowing. More you look radiant more chances of getting ah better job.Check few you tube videos and learn something modest and good on you type hairdo and light makeup.Manage your bag with issue papers, mirror, comb and makeup along with medicines and other required things too.

8- Don’t spend too much on clothes- Be modest, simple and elegant. Stick to old fitted clothes. Don’t spend a fortune over a new trousseau for the office.Try to wear few pants and good shirts rather than spending on new business suits or anything that looks damn expensive. Just be yourself and be confident.New clothes actually make you look nervous and dull lot many times.

9- Black shoes – Buy a good pair of black shoes or sandals with little heel and start wearing them in house for 2-3 hours. You will be more confident while roaming back in office instead of feeling tired or slippery.

10- Don’t spread the news and office numbers – Give yourself at least 2 months time to settle down before releasing the news to known ones. May be you won’t feel like working too much and repent your decision. May be your jealous neighbor call and say something to somebody in your work place about you. Just control the eagerness and be reserved. Don’t reveal too much about your workplace or boss to everybody. Divert their mind to something else rather than giving a whole scenario lookout of your office.

11- Last and most important – Keep applying in various organizations and try to get inetrview calls too. Interviews are basically eye opening that which kind of experience and atmosphere you will get in the coming years. 

Happy life, enjoy the office.

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