And Granny touched her for the first time!

In a world of tender moments, where love knows no bound,
A mother’s heart awakens, a miracle profound.
For nestled in her arms, a treasure yet untold,
Lies the newborn reflection, a story yet unfold.
Her gaze upon the infant, a symphony of grace,
Transcending time and space, an ethereal embrace.
With trembling hands and whispers, a lullaby so sweet,
She cradles innocence incarnate, her heart skips a beat.
Her touch, like gentle whispers, traverses baby’s skin,
A language all their own, where love begins to spin.
Through fingertips, a lifetime, countless dreams are passed,
A tapestry of connection, a love that’s meant to last.
In those fleeting moments, a legacy is born,
A bridge of generations, on love’s wings they’re borne.
For in this tiny miracle, a reflection she can see,
The love she poured so selflessly, now returned so tenderly.
A wellspring of emotions, an overwhelming tide,
Her heart bursts forth with joy, unable to hide.
With tears of pure elation, she’s humbled and amazed,
An unbreakable bond formed, forever interlaced.
And as she holds her daughter’s child, a circle now complete,
She glimpses through the ages, a love that’s bittersweet.
For the child she once cradled, now cradles her in turn,
A testament to motherhood, a lesson she will learn.
In this sacred moment, a legacy unfolds,
A mother’s gentle touch, a story that’s been told.
For in her daughter’s baby, she sees her love’s rebirth,
A testament to the power of a mother’s touch on Earth.

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