Crispy Banana crepes!

Warning – It can be super addictive.If you have no self raising flour than pls dont make it or ask me alternative as I dont know. The way I made it I m giving details.

Super crispy Nutella banana dosa

Ingredients ~ For two big super crispy dosas –

1-  Half ripe sweet banana

2- 2 pinches green cardamom powder

3- 2 pinches dry ginger powder

4- 2 pinches cloves powder

5- 2 pinches cinnamon powder

6- 8 tbsp cold milk –

7- 6 tbsp whole wheat flour

8- 2 tbsp self raising flour.

Toppings purpose – Nutella

Preparation ~

1- Mix dry ingredients in a bowl. Grind all to fine paste.check if it is lumpy or thick add little more milk to make semi thick n thin consistency.

2- Now take a big non stick tava n grease it with butter or desi ghee,put on lowest flame n pour half batter on it n with flattened bowl(katori) spread it round round n thinnest possible.

3- Let the flame remain lowest.Sprinkle desi ghee on it very lightly.

4- After two minutes start scrapping from corners n when u see light brown latches than turn it upside down n after 1-2 minutes it is ready.

5- Now spread Nutella on it n serve it warm.

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