Dhaka Jhol!

There is a very simple story attached to this recipe. I was working in Bangladesh Embassy, Delhi in late 90s.. My all Bangladeshi colleagues used to bring shorshe mach.. The big chunks of hilsa dipped in yellow mustard seeds n other spices gravy.

I came to know the recipe. And I tried making potatoes with the same type of gravy. It was an immediate life long affair for my husband with this kind of gravy dish.

If you like onions n garlic, trust me you will love it immediately too.

Ingredients –

1- 4 medium potatoes (boiled, peeled and round sliced.Rub little turmeric n mild salt over the slices)

2- 1/4 Cup tomato puree (readymade)

3- 5 Cups water

4- 6 Tbsp yellow mustard powder

5- 4 Tbsp dry coriander seeds powder

6- 2 Tbsp salt

7- 2 Tbsp red chili powder

8- 1/4 cup mix chopped green chillies n grated fresh ginger

9- 1 Cup Kachchi ghani mustard oil

10- 1 Cup peels n finely sliced onions

11- 4-5 Big cloves of garlic finely chopped

12- 1 Tbsp Cumin seeds


1- In one cup water add no.2,4,5,6,7 and mix very well and keep aside.

2- Pour mustard oil in flat bottom little deep non stick pan.

3- Heat the oil and deep fry sliced n marinated potato slices till golden brown.Take out on tissue paper.

4- Let the oil remain in pan and fry cumin seeds, finely chopped garlic, green chilli and ginger mix in it at low heat for 1 minute.

5- Add finely chopped onions and keep sautéing for 4-5 minutes.

6- Now add no. 1 contents (mix of spices) to it and give it a good stir. Fry it for at least 3-4 minutes on low flame.

7- Add fried potato slices to it and mix well. Fry this mix for 2-3 minutes on low flame.

8- Add water and start boiling and mixing. For better taste with luchis or rice you can mash the potatoes with masher. Or leave the slices like that only.

🌸Pls do not add any seasoning or garnishing as it may ruin the taste.

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