Eye opening facts n rules to avoid BLUE WHALE game in your own home.

Please follow these eye opening rules to avoid BLUE WHALE games trauma in your home.

1- Never search anything related to depression or personal tensions tips over google. Ask your kids to talk to any family member in any kind of condition for assistance. Assure them all support. This game is designed to target those who are searching psychological help online. Do u know this fact? It is a game which sends game invitation to those only who are trying to get over personal issues.

2- Keep deleting your search history, cookies and personal data from internet time to time. If it is highly necessary for some apps using than give your kid a personal mobile connection with own browsing history and no link to your bank logins etc.. This is the main point this app developers are blackmailing kids at third stage that they can not leave the game because they know LOT MANY things about their parents.

3- Keep diverting your kids from over internet usage. If you are a working couple, try to hire some private tutors or craft classes for their mind diversion at lonely time.Try to keep them engaged with somebody all the time.

4- The moment you see any injury on lips or arms or legs check their devices immediately and remove wifi connection for at least 4-5 weeks. Keep checking your wi fi’s all browsing history too.

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