How to keep your in house air much better and cleaner?

Friday, 15 September 2017

How to keep your in house air much cleaner?

Hello all,

I am going to explain in this blog post that how can we keep our in house air much cleaner. And trust me it is a just a regular practice of doing certain things and a very easy routine to follow not a very hard practice indeed.


Our kids learn a lot now a days about air pollution and we get lot many messages on FaceBook and other social media platforms during Diwali season that how can we protect our surroundings air but it is a very sad issue that after that nobody cares actually. Outer world as well as in house air too is highly polluted now a days. Do you know that?

Here comes a time when we can move further and give a strong push to maintain the clean air inside the our homes first. It is important and unavoidable issue for us indeed.

Not taking long I would like to explain you little steps we all can take to ensure that we as a family are not inhaling a wrong kind of over polluted air anymore.

We can follow simple rules or ideas to maintain a healthy air level in our in house atmosphere if we follow these simple tricks and also notice these faults.

Please avoid these 👇🏼 all if possible🙏🏼 :-

1. Do not use rotten or old brooms – Rotten brooms are a big no for controlling the air pollution. Because their sticks are not able to dust off well so lot of dirt remains in the house corners which actually gradually mixes in the air. Please buy a new broom every 3rd or 4th month. Same with dusting clothes.Keep renewing them too.

2. Big no to cheap methods of cleaning air – If you are searching or buying or using cheap agarbattis or dhoops or camphors for in house rituals may be you are yourself solely responsible for the air pollution in the first place. Avoid that practice of shopping for such things which may contain very harmful chemicals.

3- Avoid buying mosquitos coils or sprays or papers – I insist that you shall never buy those cheap kind of mosquitos repellants or sprays for controlling the pests in the home. They can create allergies or nasal congestion in the kids.

4- Do not hire lazy and cheap cleaners – The biggest issue now a days is we start compromising in life for small things and same with house helpers too. Cheap house helps never pay attention to proper dusting or cleaning as they always look to work in more places for more money.

Please can you follow these points 👇🏼 by heart for a cleaner environment :-

1- Pay well to your house cleaner – This makes a difference actually. Ask him/her to clean the corners and do dusting regularly without negligence.  

2- Buy branded air cleaners/fresheners/exhausts fans – This choice of yours actually makes a dramatic change in the air. Quality products are always based on high researches and get launched in the market after intensive research only.

3- Less decoratives mean more cleaner air – When you are buying a traditional matka or pot or figurine do you know it keeps releasing bad toxins in the air? Same with lot many interior decorative plants do. So better avoid keeping loads of such things as making museum in home.

4- Big wet towels in ac rooms- Yes keep few big family size towels wet and well soaked in clean water spread over a table or chair if you are using AC. It kills the dryness and air dust immediately.

5- Keep moping carpets too :- Just take a bucket of fresh water and put some clorox bleach or camphor or dettol. Dip and squeeze your cotton hand held stick mop and clean the carpets every second day. I bet you will feel the strong difference immediately.

6- Burn cloves and bay leaves – Every week take 5-6 bay leavers with few pinches of camphor and handful cloves in a small metal container and burn it. Roam in allcorners of the house. Go Ayurvedic and apply some Ayurvedic tricks too. It kills the bad odor and germs in the air.

7- Get Royale Atmos ASAP – It comes from a brand which we trusted since generations. This Diwali I am getting this paint for a better n cleaner air in my home, what about you? They researched very well and presented it as a great option to get clean air.

8- Last important thing – Set alarms to clean you ACs filters every week for sure.

Royale Atmos | Deepika Padukone reveals the reason behind no longer leading a #MaskedLife at home

You are quite lucky to read this blog. Because when we were young we never used to get blogs in those old days.So please do something for your loved ones health today itself.

Please can you check this website to know more on how to keep the air fresh and clean –

🙏🏼Wish you a very happy and clean air! 😇

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