Five mistakes you did just being at home for not getting a job.

It is hilarious or may be serious point but trust me lot many of us repeatedly sigh to known ones that “Oh! I am trying my best but still not getting a job”! “May be it is a God’s will that I should stay back and sleep in home”.

Sorry! God has to do nothing if you are not even trying your best for it. So better start looking at these below mentioned points and try to take action today. I can guarantee you that within a month you will land up in a office for sure.

1- Not heading towards a salon – Yup! This is a major mistake most of us do all the time. For being in a good job now a days you need to opt for better skin, hairs and looks. Nobody wants a lazy cow looking ugly roaming around in worst looks.

There are many more opting for better looks with dashing personalities. When I thought of going back into a job after longtime being at home, first thing I did was getting a killer deal from a local nearby salon which included body massage, facial, waxing, manicure, pedicure, eyebrows and hair wash with blow dry.

I was about enter a professional battle with those applicants sitting in a big row in the interviewing office. Till date I feel proud of my decision because on the spot I was bright, beautiful, beaming with confidence of my own personality and got offer letter.

2- No personal shopping since long – You need to push yourself for body-shapers, nice pairs of trousers, tops and shirts along with a pair of comfortable good quality shoes. Your walk with a style into interviewer’s presence actually matter. So try to go out in advance, check what is in trend and going well with kind of the job you are applying for. Look cool, sober and presentable. For females lot many times salary discussions depends on your own looks and confidence levels as well.

3- Being ignored from upgrading skills and programs – Check for several online magazines subscriptions, computer updates, world news and technical aspects of your job. Get in touch with that friend who worked with you or make some new friends in the same profile. Try to dig out what new is going on in the market. Upgrade yourself with every possible thing on the radar.

4- Closing your eyes over your own resume – There is no harm in getting your resume done by a professional person. Ask him to cut it short, retype it and show you draft in advance. Check for errors, mention your experience in a very polite way and there is a small trick. If you been away from a job for quite long time, just narrate one thing that you were head of a family during that time and was focusing on time management skills. Add one serious line of humor to show that you are proud of what you did so far for your family.

5- Ignoring the job market updates and advertising – The best thing to get a job is to show that you need one. Many times when you have certain kind of skills, might be possible some other kind of job comes up for a certain time. Might be possible you may get a part time offer too. So start posting for free in FB groups, local news papers as well. And keep checking in all corners of the news world online and offline. Ask for references too.

Earlier days, less competition in the jobs market but now a days every second person is getting professional and gearing up in a much strong mannerism for money making seat. You need to be aware of this fact by heart. All the best. Hope this article helped you.

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