Five old and still effective ways to raise happy heart 4 years plus kids.

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Different continents, multiple races, multi nationalities and one human race. But ever you thought that how come parenting issues are almost same now days?

Recently I had observed, one of my girl student started behaving over excited, very hyper and greatly attracted to boy students. I saw her flaunting sexy clothes, makeup and continuous staring at boys. (Imagine she is only 9 years). While other same aged girls were sitting quietly and focusing on themselves, speaking softly and behaving very gently. But this girl in question is quite hyper and getting abusive day by day. By her background I know well why she is doing all such kind of things. Sleeping with parents and being only girl in abunch of loads of boys.So finally I thought of writing an article about certain points which are important and our ancestors beliefs were quite right actually about raising the kiddos.

1- Sleeping etiquettes  – Once your kid (boy & girls both) is 4 years plus, arrange separate room for them by all means. Boys remain innocent and they are forgetful but girls take things to mind. They start pretending that they are sleeping and try to watch what parents are doing in the night. They start spreading such gossips out of home soon too. Maximum cases of sexual gossips at early ages happens because parents are lazy enough to not to arrange separate sleeping place for kids. If not possible change your intimacy timings. You have no idea that because of your ignorance how many adult things your kid must be spreading/sharing with her classmates n friends. 

2- Financial cheating – Never ever do this in front of kids. If you are trying to be smart with a vegetable vendor, home tutor or in shopping mall, your kid is the first person who is watching you and starts taking things to mind but meanwhile these kids start feeling guilt too. They become more abusive due to to insecurity of your bad behavior/cheating.  

3- Gender awareness – It must be old saying or old beliefs but still very much practical. If your girl child is watching you doing intimate things in the night and her access to many boys in family is easy, she will try to do same with the nearest boy possible. Same with boys.When girls spend too much time with boys and later they are in normal girls, they start being abusive like boys to other girls who are not ready to take their bullshit after some time. So basically by putting your son with so many girls or girl with so many boys, you are creating a mental trauma for your very young child. Try to enroll your kid in some activities where she or he can spend more time with same gender. 

4- Useless diet control – Up to 14-15 years if your kid is normal let him/her eat whatever they like. Strict diet controls makes your child finicky and greedy all the time. Let them explore more and decide what is harmful or good for them.

5- Social behavior  – If you are partying day and night, expecting your kid to get good grades is too much. Set an example yourself. Let your kids know the value of controlled social outings and better grades. Never ever tell you kids that you got little money or too much money. If they are treating people according to their financial status, trust me it is the biggest failure of your parenting.  


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