Five points to avoid clashes with abusive husband.

Divorce is not an easy solution. Breaking marriages is very easy but resettlement for women is very smooth path in the life ahead. So lot many times staying in very humiliating and abusive marriages is more than difficult. But trust me it is lot many times easier than we can think even. Here is mentioned few points to keep in your mind before taking any hard decision. Specially if you have kids around. 

1- Be financially strong – Do whatever you can do. Keep money in hand. Your own money. Save it and see yourself that how calm n strong in mind you are getting day by day. Just avoid showing it off. Spend it wisely and in the time of need only. Money gives a great strength and confidence. 

2- Avoid direct contact – Eye contact, physical contact or telephonic talks. Cut all the cords and talk through kids if possible. Sex for patching up is very devastating and shallow thing to do. Just avoid it at all cost. 

3- Keep your head high – Be busy. Just stay out of context and spend time on yourself. Your hobnies, your dreams, your friends and your own privacy. Start spending time with yourself more rather than begging for his attention. Just stay focus and be happy in your mind. 

4- Stay well – Feel nourished. Take milk, high fiber diet and nuts. Go for small walks, join a gym or do excercises at home. Look at funny videos, try something new in perfumes and cuddle few pets of other. Tiniest sparks of joy can change your mood. Stay well and treat yourself in happy way. 

5- Show the big picture to the kids – If you have kids too than talk to them a lot. Plan with them about their future aspiration, their likes and dislikes. Tell them about teamwork, happiness of small things in the life, helping others and if possible than join some social work with them. Let them learn one thing that world is not about one abusive person’s useless grudges. 

It is about mental insecurities which creates most abusives spouses. There are lot of things of their past background which reflect in their present abusive behaviour. Try to avoid over induldgence with them. Let them handle their own emotional baggae of the past. Just stay calm n happy. Focus on yourself and your life. Try to stay positive about your approach towards the life. 

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