Urad-Moong ki kurkuri puriyan! 

I love making these puris with Kaddu ki sabzi and bundi ka raita.These are puris because kachoris r always those which get fillings inside. 

Once in six month it is mandatory to make these for me. 

Result is so satisfying when almost all puris finish in one go. 

Yes there are few tricks to make these puris more kurkuri(crispy) and I will share those in the last of this article. 

Ingredients – 

1 Cup all white Urad dal

1/2 Cup all yellow moong dal

Soak these both in water for 2-3 hours

1 Tbsp salt,1 Tbsp red chilli powder,1 Tbsp dry corriander powder,1 Tsp heeng powder,1/4 Cup grated fresh ginger,6 medium green chillies,1 Tbsp ajwain,6 Tbsp desi ghee,1/4 cup all purpose flour n Wheat flour.

Method – 

1- Put all spices in the presoaked n water strained dals. Grind it very well into finest paste with help of few tbsps water.

2- In a bowl put desi ghee, all purpose flour and dal-spices paste n mix well. Now start adding little wheat flour till u get semi thick dough. Knead it very well.

3- Add little more desi ghee to knead it well.

4- You can make around 10-12 medium big puris with this qty of dough. 

5- I have stopped using refind oil n use desi ghee in the mixes to get more tasty texture.

6- Trick to get more crispy puri is just roll the puri n put in hot oil in the pan.Once it is becomes ball type turn it to the other side. Turn it again n again very quickly till u get golden brown texture. 

These puri tastes great with alu tamatar ki sabzi, kaddu ki sabzi, aam ka achaar and raita too.

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