Five smart moves to be liked at work place.

1- Listen just listen don’t speak – Yup! Just listen for first few months and keep listening with little abbreviations like Really! Really? Oh! Oh! God! Oh! My God! . Staying in voversation without giving any opinions at all. If asked just quickly close the matter with any genuine excuse like “I have no idea actually” or “I will ask my brother about that as he is quite good at these kind of things”. Stay simple n close as well.

2- Big snack packs or lunchbox – Whatever you eat good at work place, share it. Lot many times anxieties and stress comes with long working hours and people behave oddly with hungry tummies. So whatever you eat, just share it. It will make you famous, liked and adored.

3- Be clean – Go to wash room often and come out with wiping your hands with your own hand towel not a tissue paper. Do it 5-7 times a day. People actually like clean people and trust them more. This was suggested by lot many behavior therapists as well.

4- Keep an eye on empty parking lots – Suggest it often. Or any easy commuting to office ways. People love when they get solutions for such things.

5- Never talk about others to others – Yes! Backbiting creates issues. 69% of work stress comes from backbiting or passing on personal talks in between to others. Stop it or just don’t initiate it. Even if your boss tries to do it. Just smile and don’t say a single word forward.

All the best .

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