20 Things you should do at work to impress your boss.

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1- Reach office 5–10 minutes before your boss.This reflects your disciplined routine habits.Set multiple alarms to get up on time everyday.

2- Wear clean and well ironed clothes everyday. Cleanliness shows that you are taking a good care of yourself first.

3- Avoid wearing too many brands or lot many designer clothes. Keep yourself simple and humble. Showing off too many clothes and not repeating same dress for long time creates a kind of insecurity and hype about you. That is why highly fashionable people face criticism and useless stress at workplace.

4- Keep your desk clean and again without keeping expensive things like mug or flask on it. Don’t do that. Stay simple and clean.

5- Always cover your feet. This is a basic problem with multi Asian country people. Especially females. They have dirty feet without pedicure still they wear opem thick grey brown sandals in the name of comfort. Do not do that. Wear sports shoes or ballerinas but cover your feet. All the time.

6- Avoid strong perfumes. But stay fragranced. With pungent dirty smell of armpit and body odor everybody gonna dislike you hard. Same with panty liners. Females can smell it but they don’t pay attention that how much dirty their images goes around with that body smell.

7- Keep yourself updated about whatever is going on or about to come. But stay quite and do try to not to show off. Let your boss inform you.

8- Do not speak aloud, laugh aloud or stay close to opposite sex all the time. Bosses notice that but never mention that. They just make your image likewise.

9- Stay alert, focused with high attention to details.Keeping few empty folders, big envelops, blank papers and tit bits of stationary in a separate drawer makes you high in boss’s eyes.

10- Check twice. Before handing over anything to your boss, just check in one more time. Same with emails. My husband taught me this. Spelling errors or grammatical mistakes. You can improve yourself this way.

11- Never go too close to Boss’s Boss. He might get insecure. Envy you.

12- Avoid getting too personal. No discussions of personal issues. At all. Just stay reserve and mysterious. Open books have no charm.

13- No interest. Smile and tight lipped. This is the best way to react to any personal, political or office secret discussions in between you n boss. Let him speak and you just act like a puppet. No opinions. Stay quite.

14- Less weight in hand. Try to take smaller bags and lunch boxes or visible transparent bags to the office. It shows that you have to interest in taking things like office stationaries to home.

15- Last and most important thing. Less use of mobile or calls at workplace. This really matters. Do not get lured by what others are doing. Stay focused and avoid too much use of internet/technology in front of your Boss.

16- Treat everybody with great respect and never ever indulge in a fight or gossip crowds. Avoid insulting anybody.

17- Be on time. Projects, emails, correspondence just show your best and on time. Honesty reflects and same with commitments. Late work creates issues for your Boss’s performances as well. Let him be cooperated with your finest performances.

18- Ask questions and get full information about the work given by boss. They will feel proud and satisfied. Just do what they asked you to do. I remember that one of my boss was very much hyped about a presentation. So I asked him about the font size even. He guided me for more things like colors and backgrounds. This really matters. Be open and ask him about every thing in details. Lot many times even bosses need help.

19- Make an imaginary team. Check and keep in the mind that who can do what best at his potential. Suggest that if boss is in hurry or confusion. Speak softest way and check if he agrees to it or not. Boss will get the idea and may not that time but later he will use that tip.

20- Researches and drafts. Keep an eye around the upcoming things. Make few drafts and present to your boss so that he can save some time in doing it on time. I had around 30–35 drafts of emails to potential buyers. When my boss came to know, he asked for a copy and started using it a lot. He is still my best friend after so many years I left that company.

All the best.

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