Flourless eggless chocolate pancakes!

Flourless chocolate pancakes!

Can you believe this? My daughter Chulbuli invented them few days back. They are very addictive and yummy. All you need to know is to maintain that portion of having them. Make them once in a while only. 

Ingredients are – Makes 6-8 small medium sized pancakes.

4 Cups of Glucose milk biscuits powder(any milk biscuits you can use)

1 Cup milk

1/2 Cup thick curd

1/4 Cup coco powder unsweetened 

1/4 Cup powdered sugar

2-4 TBSP water normal temperature

2 Tbsp milk powder unsweetened

2 Tbsp melted butter

Method –

1- Mix all dry ingredients very well. 

2- Now mix all rest ingredients. 

3- Take one non sticky pan(a must)

4- Heat it a bit only on low temp.

5- Start making pan cakes of your own desired size and shape.

6- For fluffy and gooey texture you can add banana or grated apple as well.

7- Cook from both side and serve with fresh cream or  maple syrup. 

Happy cooking! 

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