Gajak ki yummy khasta puri.

So basically it was my mommy who sent few boxes of famous gur ki gajak this December. After few days we had some leftover crumbles in quite good quantity. I had plans to gulp them with spoon but change in plan happened.

I thought of making shakkarparas but ended up in making few good and very khasta(crispy n flaky) sweet puris out of it.

If you have access to gajak from India you can also try this.

Let me explain you to how to make this.

Ingredients – (makes around 20 mid size puris)

2 Cups of gajak (any kind) powdered well in mixi.

1/4 Cup desi ghee

1 Tbsp fennel seeds (saunf ka powder)

1 Tsp ginger powder

1/2 cup powdered sugar

1 Tbsp green cardamom powder

1 Tbsp cinnamon powder

2 Cups of whole wheat flour

1 Cup of warm milk to knead the dough


1- I use food processor to knead the dough but you can knead it manually to make it much better.

2- Take all ingredients in a big bowl except water.

3- For good two minutes keep whisking all.

4- Now add 4 tbsps of warm milk to it. Crumble the dry mix.

5- Again mix few tbsps of milk and crumble again into the dry mix.

6- Now knead the dough very tightly by adding warm milk if required.

7- We need quite tight dough to make crispy pooris.

8- Keep this dough aside for 3-4 hours. I keep it in fridge overnight.

9- For frying the puris, take a heavy bottom pan and fill in enough refind oil to fry the gajak pooris.

10- Heat the oil to lowest medium flame for 3-4 minutes. Add 1 Tbsp of desi ghee to it so that puris get some flavor from frying too.

11- Now roll a big dough ball in a shape of big chapati.

12- Cut the round shapes with the help of round container cap having sharp edges.

13- Because this dough keeps crumbling so you need to be extra careful.

14- Oil in the pan should be at lowest flame and not too hot. Put the puri one at a time and flip it immediately. This will give a immediate ballooning effect to the poori. Keep flipping often until you get a lovely brownish color. Take it out. It won’t take much time to make it.

15- Make rest of the puris too.

16- You can store these puris in an air tight container and use them up-to a week.

17- Reduce the qty to half of each thing if you wish to make less puris.

My kids loved it with warm butter and banana slices. I love them warm and fresh with sweet curd.

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