Exams ki barfi(Almonds katli).

My parental family is from Moradabad and they live in a street where two most famous sweet shops are situated.

We always used to leave for exams with a bite of fresh curd and yummy fresh malai barfi(khoya barfi).

Now here in Qatar, no access to freshly made that kind of rich n freshly made barfi, finally I started making this almonds katli to give my kids during exams. They thought it is something special for annual exams only.

Yesterday Kutkut reminded me that I need to make exams wali barfi too. I was bit surprised and realized few things as well. I make these in February and March only because of hot tendency due to almonds. I told him the reason and made it this morning.

It is one of the most quickest dessert one can make in home. Please read the recipe twice and try making it.

Ingredients (for medium sized 25-30 pcs) –

2 Cups freshly powdered badam (almonds)

4 Cups sugar

1/4 Cup hot water

1 Tbsp green cardamom powder

4 Tbsps desi ghee(unsalted butter oil)


1- It is a very very quick recipe. So please be around your gas stove only with all things nearly kept.

2- Grease one big steel plate with desi ghee.

3- Grease well one rolling pin(belan) and keep nearby.Same with a sharp knife. Grease and keep it aside too.

4- Take one heavy bottom non stick pan and keep it on high flame.

5- Pour one tbsp desi ghee, 4 cups of sugar and 1/4 cup of hot water in it.

6- Start mixing with a big steel whisk or silicon spatula.

7- You need one thick one thread consistency of sugar syrup.

8- Mix in almonds powdered and lower the flame and start mixing it well with silicon spatula.

9- Keep frying it for a while so that it starts thicken and getting together. If you see the batter sticking and drying from down, close the flame and pour into greased steel plate.

10- Now with spatula spread it very quickly and with greased belan(rolling pin) spread it evenly by rolling hard.

11- Take very sharp greased knife and slice it immediately.

12- Let it cool down and store in air tight container.

13- You can use it upto 2 months.

14- We used hot water to mix in sugar because it melts sugar easily and very quickly.

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