I put a full stop to help working women around! 

Yup, I stopped working two weeks back and my life is back to be free maid to my working neighbors. Husband and wife working and they have full time maid at home but still their list of never ending demands started back and that too shamelessly.
I have my own life and chores to do. OK? But no they dont care if I have plans to take long naps or plans to go out. And yes one single NO means you are a non cooperative movement in yourself. Why there is no law for such people that you can’t ask for more than two favors a month from your neighbor?LOl…such a great idea!Wow my imagination’s height!
Than I started discussing with my other home maker friends and found that they all are facing same kind of small or big issues with their working couple neighbors too. And trust me it is all thankless work.Working couples take is as granted. Not all but yes lot many do this and never feel ashamed at all.
1- Water my plants. ( Why are you keeping plants if you have no systematic life)?
2- Check on my pet (It includes feeding him, taking him out for strolls too).
3- Collect my groceries( It includes paying the delivery guy and keeping milk, bread and butter in my own fridge too) and also your 3-4 newspapers.
4- Find me maid (my neighbor feels I m a housewife cum free HR Manager to take interviews to explain duties and calculate salary in proportion to the work)
5- Let my relative visit by early morning flight but he / she can wait at your place for 7-8 hours for my return to home (includes tea coffee snacks and food plus using of my toilets as well as bed too).
6- Get my house clean by your maid(She will pay my maid for sure but those precious noon time nap moments you sucked out of my life?)
7- Keep my kids – It should be first point but yes I love kids a lot so hardly matters (But last time your kid had terrible cough due to that terrible food u made in hurry but you asked him “You had something in neighbor’s house? Your kid told me).Your kid slipped in school, he came back home, injured n unexpectedly early and I am the one who is keeping him.
8- Give food for my husband because you are coming late and he is at home in high fever or some fractured leg or some other problems and can’t order or move out of bed.(I am not counting those negative remarks that why I put extra butter in food to impress your husband).
9- Collect my courier – cash on delivery (Pay him and than keep reminding you like beggar to return the money I paid).
10- Let my lonely parents sit and pass time with you (Either your parents(In laws) have long stories too tell or your back biting or your request t teach them some computer but yes I had plans to chat for long with my relatives, all in water now).
Let me live my life plsssssss!

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