Besan ki paneer onion tikiya! 

As my blog post for 12+ boys guidence is doing great today so thought of making this amazing tikiya for the evening snacks. It is one of the addictive snacks, tastes great and you will forget for a while making the regular pakoris. 

Ingredients –

1 Big onion – Finely chopped in the processor

4-6 Green chillies finely chopped

1 Cup besan

4-6 Big cloves of garlic crushed 

8 small medium chunks/cubes of paneer(cottage cheese)

Salt according to taste

1 Tbsp Red chilli flakes 

1 Tsp ajwain 

1 Tsp heeng 

1 Tbsp dhania (coriander seeds crushed)

Method – (Damn tricky)

1- Mix all ingredient except the paneer cubes. 

2-It should be very thick batter. Do not mix water if onion got own juice enough. 

3- Take dough to make a ball and add one paneer cube in the middle. Close the batter into ball. 

4- This dough will make 8 batter balls. 

5- Keep these in the fridge.

6- Heat oil in deep pan, keep the flame low once it is heated well but not much. 

7- Fry for 1-2 minutes only and take out.Let these cool down.

8- Now flatten lightly these pakoras into tikiya.Cut each tikiya into half. Now fry again for 2-3 minutes. Till little more brown only.

9- Serve with sonth or tomato sauce. 

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