Icecreamy lassi!

Well, being in abroad means you are relieved of making curd (dahi) at home. Quality of dairy products are too good and adulteration free too. So buy a big bucket of curd and for a week you have your stock of curd in fridge.

Lot many times, there are promotions in hypermarket for certain food products. So this weekend there was a good promotion on leading ice cream brand. So being lured we got a 2 ltrs tub of vanilla flavor too.

Vanilla ice cream can go well in strawberry smoothies, mangosgakes and cold coffee too. Today I tried first time mixing vanilla icecream with lassi.

It seems easy but trust me it can be a blunder too. Because few icecreams turn into creamy clots due to adulterated food ingredients. So with some basic tricks let us make it.

Ingredients – For 4 big glasses

3 Cups thick curd

2 Cups Chilled water

1/2 Cup sugar

1/2 Cup Rooh Afza or Rose syrup (sharbat)

2 Cups vanilla ice cream

Preparation –

1- First in a blender put icecream with sugar and Rooh Afzah or Rose syrup(sharbat).Blend it very well.

2- Now add curd(dahi).Blend it.

3- Finally add chilled water, blend and serve immediately.

4- If you keep this for long unserved than icecream will start getting clotted to the top layer.

5- This way you can make great lassi from sour curd too.

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