Majestic Thailand with millions of temples in it.


We started our trip with Phuket in June 2016 end. Phuket is amazingly beautiful place. We loved the mountains and beaches combination.

We saw every second home or shop having tiny temples with floral offerings.In the evening each n every temple was having Fanta(Strawberry flavored) with straw in the offering.

Our kids loved the view. It was wonderful feeling to see all those tiny temple cleaned and well maintained. Such a surprise for us.

I remembered Indian tiny temples on the roads squares and cows around it. But in Thailand you will not see a single cow around those temples. Very well maintained temples.

Our temple darshans kept going on throughout the Thailand visit. In Bangkok we saw the emerald Budha’s temple in the full glory. Oh My God! They preserved the whole old temple into the museum and recreated a new one. such a delightful visit to the Thailand.

If you have little kids with love for architecture than please do visit Thailand sometime.


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