Many ideas for running a successful cloud kitchen.

Cloud kitchens are mushrooming a lot now a days. But not many of them are able to survive after a while as there are many do’s and don’ts in this business as well. 

We are going to suggest few things so that you can start, run and become successful in this business. 

1- No partners- Business partners are ok initially but later on they become big headache. Handling finances with a person who can walk out anytime is quite risky. Especially with females. One friend of mine got ditched in the very initial stage of her booming kitchen career because her partner’s husband git transferred from Mumbai to Trichy. So better keep a helping hand and start at your own.

2- Mouth publicity is not enough – Biggest mover and shakers for cooking business are school whatsapp groups and your own city’s online yellow pages. Plus PG accommodations. FaceBook ads also help a lot. You need to fix few things in the settings about the target audience, that’s it.  

3- Quality really matters – Little change of quality or quantity or packing detailing, your clients can figure it out easily. Always stick to the quality. You might earn little less but brand images improves day by day.  I used to buy mathri and laddus from a south Indian lady, her quality was very high but prices were very low. She closed the business but still repent for not being professional since day one. People always return to you because of your quality. So fix prices according to your quality. 

4- Tiny freebies – Once my friend told us that she runs a cloud kitchen. We all were shocked. She gifted us all tiny boxes full of freebies which she makes. Now we all are her regular customers. Generosity really matters.

5- Earning and reinvesting – Give yourself minimum 9-10 months time to flourish.Keep the profit away and secured. Stay focused and keep collecting money. That’s it. You will need this money to increase the quality of advertising and to improve the quality later.

6- Delivery services kill  – Try to find a person who can help you in deliveries initially at very low wedges. Promise him that you will increase the money if you think you are actually earning good. Honesty is still the best policy in business.

7- Fight of baking/veg/non-veg food – You need to locate a market to get groceries in time, you need to focus on what is in demand.Plan a big pantry to store little extra grains. Making reasonable storage for fresh produce and long shelf life products actually matters a lot.

8- Never say yes!- Yes! Never say yes to free food abd drinking session at your place because people wish to eat and spreading the word about you. These people create issues later.

All the best! 

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